Content Gorilla uses an authentication plugin to connect with your WordPress website.

Before adding your website to Content Gorilla you will need to download and install the Authentication Plugin to your website.

Go to the Content Gorilla dashboard and download the authentication plugin from the Download Plugin button available on the top right corner of the dashboard.


After downloading the plugin, you will need to install it on your WordPress website.

1)    Login to the admin panel of your website (

2)    Go to the plugins tab from the left navigation bar.

3)    Click on add plugin button, it will open up a dialogue box locate and select the plugin.

4)    Activate the plugin once it’s installed.

5)    Go back to Content Gorilla dashboard and open My Websites from the left navigation bar.


6)    Click on Add Website, it will open up a box fill up your details then click on Save Website a loader will appear and your website will get saved.

You can now start posting content to your website.