Creating a post with Content Gorilla is fairly easy...

There are several ways to create a post:

1)    You can search for the videos using a keyword e.g Affiliate Marketing, it will retrieve you the YouTube videos relating to Affiliate Marketing. Just simply choose the video you want to convert.


2)    Video URL ( can also be used to search for the specific video. Just simply copy the URL of the YouTube video and then paste it to the Video URL or search term, it will retrieve your video that you can convert into the post.


3)    It can also be created through Channel URL. Retrieve the Channel URL and paste it in the Video URL or search term, it will retrieve all the videos of that particular channel so you can choose any video you want to convert.



4)    Playlist URL can also be used to retrieve all video from that playlist, copy the playlist URL and then paste it into URL or search term it will give you all the videos from that playlist, so you can simply choose a video you want to convert. 

After clicking on create post button of your desired video, you will be redirected to the post editor where you can edit or spin your content, change the language, add images in between your post, and can correct grammar (below the description box).


You can also add punctuations (if there aren’t any), create paragraphs (if there aren’t any), and syndicate to your social media profiles. (Basic 2.0 and above level feature)

Once done editing your content just go to the publish tab and click on the publish button to publish the content to your website. 


You can also publish the same content to multiple sites by simply changing the website from the Select website box available in the publish tab.

You can also save post as draft to your website by selecting the post status as a draft and then simply hit the publish button it will go to your website as Draft.