Creating a post with Content Gorilla is fairly easy...

You can search for a video with the following: 

- Keyword (e.g. "content marketing") this will retrieve all videos on YouTube listed under "Content Marketing"

- Video URL (e.g. this will show you the specific video, which you can then convert into a post. 

- Channel URL (e.g this will retrieve all the videos from the channel which you can then convert into a post.

- playlist URL (e.g this will retrieve all the posts from this specific playlist, you can then convert them it into posts.

Once you have found the video you want to work with, you can simply click on the "Create Post" button and convert that video into text.

This will bring you to the post editor where you can spin the content and correct grammar issues in just 1 click.

You can also edit the content, add/delete images, change the featured image, add/edit/delete tags and syndicate to your social media profiles (PRO feature).

Once you're done making the changes you can publish the post to your website(s) in just 1 click by pressing the publish button.

This will post your content to your website instantly. You can also post the same post to multiple websites should you want to do that, simply once posted on one site, change the website from dropdown menu and the publish button will work again, click on it and the post will now be published on the second site too.