Creating a schedule job is very similar to creating a bulk post job in Content Gorilla:

The major difference between both is the Bulk post happens only once while a schedule job runs again and again depending upon how you set it up.

1. On the left navigation bar, click on "Scheduler".

2. Click "Add New" to create a new schedule/auto-posting job.

3. Select the website you would like to create this job for.


3. Select the language you would like Content Gorilla to create the content in. (You can select from 105 languages)

4. Enter the keywords you would like Content Gorilla to post the content based on. We recommend you do not use anymore than 3 keywords.


5. Select how many posts you would like to post.

6. Define the time duration. (This will be the gap between your postings)

e.g. If you want to post 3 posts once every 7 days.

Select 3 posts under quantity and select 1 every 7 days under time duration



7. Select the categories of your website you would like to post this content in.


8. Select the social media channels you would like to post this content on. Add text that you'd like to publish alongside the link of your posts.


9. Spin text before post - Check this box if you would like to spin the content before it is posted on your website.

10. Include video in posts - Check this box if you would like to embed the video(s) in their respective posts.

11. Include video attribution - Check this box if you would like to give a link back to the author of the video (RECOMMENDED).


12. If you would like to add text that is linked to a URL, you can add that here. This will be added at the bottom of all the generated posts.
In the text section, add the text. In the link section add the URL you would like the text to be linked to.

Finally, hit the "Schedule Posts" button and your posts will be created and posted on your website depending upon the settings you defined.

Remember - this will keep on running until you delete this job in your Content Gorilla account.

If you want to run this only once, we recommend you use the Bulk Post instead.