If you're having trouble authenticating your site with Content Gorilla, even though you're entering the right credentials. The most probable cause of it is that Content Gorilla is unable to communicate with your website.

There could be various different reasons behind this that can differ case to case. 

We are constantly working on this issue but unlike our expectations it turns out that the WP auth issue isn't something universal. It's happening because of a LOT of different reasons that differ per user and per host.

We tried a lot of things, but couldn't come up with anything concrete. So, we had to work on a work around.

Meet Content Gorilla Lite (BETA).

We built a stand-alone WordPress plugin originating from the roots of Content Gorilla.

This plugin can almost do everything Content Gorilla does right now.

So - if you are unable to authenticate your site with Content Gorilla, you can now download this plugin from within the app on the left navigation menu, by clicking the link 'Content Gorilla Lite'.

Watch the video below to see Content Gorilla Lite in action.

P.S. We are still working towards a resolution for this issue so you can use the app directly and don't have to rely on a plugin. We caan't promise any ETA yet but it will be resolved asap.